Lighting Services

A lot of our most beautiful events have taken place in some of the most aesthetically-challenged spaces: Old factories, gymnasiums, and even barns. We also have had events in some of the most stunning places imaginable like museums, inns, the Caribbean and five star hotels. Every venue, indoors and outdoors, needs lighting to enhance the overall décor and to add the crucial element of WOW. When it comes to event lighting Top That! Event is all things to all people, places, and things.

Here’s the key to successful lighting: Experienced lighting professionals working in conjunction with event designers with an eye toward accentuating the most dynamic features of any given venue. Simply put, we can paint any room or outdoor venue with luminous wonder to transform even the most boring space into a magnificent habitat for wild party people and country clubbers alike. Top That! Event has outstanding lighting professionals and an inventory packed with the latest in lighting gear and technology at our disposal. Let’s paint it with light for maximum impact!

  • Black Tie or Blue Jeans … And Everything in Between

    Our approach is simple: we take stuffy and ‘been there done that’ and use a fresh spin to turn it into spectacular and amazing. Beware though, our events have one problem - it’s hard to get your guests to leave. With thousands of events to our credit (we’re not exaggerating) we have earned our clients trust. Top This!…how we do events.

  • Seeing is Believing. Check Out Our Work!

    Look! We can tell you how great we are but there’s nothing better than seeing what we’ve done so you can judge for yourself. As you’ll see, name the kind of event you need help with and we have an image of something we’ve done that will be right up your alley. As they say, a picture is worth a 1,000 words.

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    Our world is fast-paced, eclectic, and inspiring. If you want to keep up with us sign up so you’ll always know what the cool people are doing. From time to time we’ll share what we’ve been working on and share some of our ‘free’ ideas – Sorry, you have to pay for the really good ones!

  • Let's Get the Party Started!

    The first step to creating an unforgettable event is to simply give us a call. We're always excited to talk about what we can do for you. Let's brainstorm together and you'll soon discover Top That! Event is the perfect choice for your special occasion.